Photoshop World Keynote a Hit

The Photoshop World Conference kicked off today with keynote filled with a ton of fan fare in Washington DC. The conference brought with it a record attendance for an east-coast PSW! And I am personally thrilled to say that this is my 20th Photoshop World! WOW! Ok, I digress.

The Wacom crew has put together a great booth where we are featuring Intuos5, Cintiq interactive pen displays and Inkling.

In addition to great products, we have a fantastic line up of creative professionals speaking in our theater, including: Scott Kelby, Michael Corsentino, Terry White, Moose Peterson, Joel Grimes,, Corey Barker, Colin Smith, Mike Thompson, our own Tech Man Joe Sliger and yours truly. Each one of our speakers brings a unique perspective to both their work and their use of a tablet, and we are pleased to have them join us. If you are onsite you can see the schedule here.

If you are reading this at home, I’m sorry that you were unable to make it live. I will however be sharing with you a number of tips that we show here at PSW over the next couple of weeks right here on the Tablet Gurus blog.

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